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Empowering students to take ownership of their education.

Supporting education and innovation through our art and architectural design program.


Students present design critiques at SDC if they wish to pursue our Design pathway to student learning.


We are a small school located in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan. We are one of five schools that are housed in the Park West campus.

Mission Statement

At SDC, we believe that students learn best when they are intellectually challenged to make connections, utilize higher order thinking, and make their thinking visible.  

In order to make this happen, our teachers work hard to create thoughtful curriculum designed to explore significant and challenging content by pushing our students to think critically. We take seriously our need to develop learning experiences which meet the required level of challenge, are culturally responsive, and provide the necessary supports for students to engage.

In all SDC classrooms students are:

  • Collaborating with their peers

  • Taking responsibility for their learning

  • Making their thinking visible to explain their thinking process


Prospective students Links

If you are interested in attending an open house or coming in for an individualized tour of the school please click the link below to find more information. You will also find information regarding our “shadow a student” days at SDC on this page as well.


Prospective Parents

Welcome to our school community! We love to have all of our families involved at our school, holding multiple PTA meetings throughout the year and also several celebrations to acknowledge our students hard work. Use the link below to find useful information such as the DOE calendar,


Student Achievements

Education happens within the context of a larger community. This is why it is important to us that our students feel welcome and engaged here at SDC. Please follow the link to some of our former student’s achievements.

Partners of UASDC

Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction currently has 30 partnerships in the Design and Architectural field. Partnerships are an integral part of the Urban Assembly network of schools. They allow students real -world applications of what they learn in our school and allow them to follow their passions both inside and outside of our building. See more information about the Urban Assembly network and their philosophy of partnerships at https://urbanassembly.org/

Get in touch with us

Administration Contact Info

Principal: Meredith Matson


Phone: 212-586-0198 ext. 4708

Assistant Principal: Gerry Hudak


Phone: 212-586-0198 ext. 4972

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