About Us

The School of Design and Construction is a high school in Manhattan. We opened in September 2004 with an initial class of 100 ninth graders. Our school has an architecture theme, a college preparatory curriculum, and powerful partnerships with organizations throughout the city. SDC takes advantage of its location in New York City – the center of the design universe – to expose students to architectural landmarks and building sites and to the finest architecture and engineering firms in the country. Students will leave UASDC with a greater appreciation and understanding for the built environment that surrounds and shapes them, and they will be prepared to succeed in college. Go to our News Page
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Quick Facts about our school.

  • We have 400 students.
  • Our resident Architect, Mr. Yves Roger, has been a practicing architect all over the world and currently leads workshops for all ages throughout New York City.
  • All Freshman and Sophomore students take a Design class where they design and build scaled models. Past projects have included skyscrapers, museums, schools, bridges.
  • We have offered Advanced Placement classes in English, US History, Global Studies, and calculus.
  • Our Faculty has graduates of Fordham, Harvard, Vassar, Yale, and many other excellent institutions. We also have teachers who have been trained in the TOP Scholar program,
  • Teaching Fellows, and Teach For America.